Thursday, 10 December 2015



On this post, I will be talking a little bit about cardinals.

Cardinals are fairly large birds who are wonderful to look at. The males feathers are a beautiful shade of red and the females are brown with bright red accents. They also have a little black mask around their eyes and bill. They have nice long tails, which are normally pointing down. 

Cardinal birds normally live in inhabited areas such as backyards, parks, wood lots and shrubby forest edges. They usually nest in in dense foliage and look for fairly high places for singing. Cardinals live mostly in the USA, but they also live in the south part of Canada. 

Cardinals don't migrate so they normally live their entire lives in about a kilometer or two from where they were born. In the winter, cardinals usually stay close to bird feeders so it's easier for them to get food,which is a big reason why they don't migrate. Their feathers are also a part of how they keep warm in the winter. Birds are warm-blooded and their blood is actually a little warmer than humans and their feathers are like a little coat that keeps some of the cold out. Birds also have little scales on their feet which help keep out the cold as well. Finally, they can control the temperature of their legs and feet separately from their bodies, thereby reducing heat loss even further.

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Here is also a bird house I made in science class. It didn't turn out exactly as expected but I tried. 

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