Friday, 27 May 2016

Heat Menu

In class we're just finishing up our heat menu. First we had to make the appetizer. We got to choose two labs (experiments) to do and write conclusions. For my first lab, we had to put two different types of metal onto a hot plate and see how they react and why. It was interesting to see how some metals change their form a lot when put onto heat while others barely move at all. We then had to add certain amounts of cold water to hot water and see how they change.We then had to do the drink and main course where we had to read a text, watch a video and do another little experiment and then write conclusions.
My favorite part of this project was the dessert. We had to choose a was to present what we learned or already knew about how heat impacts our lives. I made a small info graphic/poster. If you would like to see it click the link below:


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